This is sports medicine center. It is a Private limited company. We work under Lithuanian football federation. We do all types of medicine works from helping organise championship medicine staff to personal football players treatment. We have official 6 paid workers, who are working with national football teams. We have sport doctors, physiotherapists, administration. Main aim is to ensure full medical servise to all national team players. Place we are working is in the same building as National football academy, so we take full medical care of players who are living there. 3 physiotherapist who are working here are seperated between all nationals teams. We go to every organised camp, and make sure of every football player health. Also sports doctors join national camps with all medical equipement. We do testing and researches and players health, prophylaxis, health check up. In some periods of the year we take students from universities as a trainees and teach them sports physiotherapy. The sports doctors and physiotherapist from our sport medicine center, every national team camp ensure the proper nutrition of the players, best food supplements, suitable medicines and pharmaceuticals. We have to make sure they are legal and possible to use and non contributing against rules. We always attend with player on anti-doping check up during championships; we help to make sure check up goes thru fluently, ensure players know what they are doing and help them to take it easy. We are following up to newest rules of anti doping, when going before camp, to make sure we have everything legal and usable. Each of us experienced anti doping testing, were there thru all procedure.