The aim of the ANTI-DIF project is to develop a compendium of training/support materials designed specifically for grassroots football club officials, coaches and interested fans on issue of doping in football and other sports.

The primary goal of this training programme is prevention. The basic principle for this information and education programmes for doping-free sport is to preserve the spirit of sport from being undermined by doping.

The training material addresses the main pillars of anti-doping education including health side effects of doping, ethical considerations and determinants of doping use in grassroots football in order to establish an environment that is strongly conducive to doping-free sport and will have a positive and long-term influence on the choices made by footballers.

The training material includes

  • Educational videos addressing the determinants of doping in grassroots sport, such as health side effects of doping use, ethical considerations, personal and social factors influencing the decision to dope.
  • A guideline for “anti-doping coaches” who act like ambassadors in the fight against doping in football.
  • A Code of Conduct representing a new call for accountability of the amateur
    grassroots football sector on doping.